Pip Young - Teaching primary school art, with passion

Pip believes in hard work, honesty and enthusiasm, balanced

with fun and good humour. As an educator, she is multi-skilled, having worked in several diverse areas, and quick to learn

new skills. Pip’s greatest strength lies in her empathetic

and natural communication skills, her great love of

teaching and genuine love of children, and her ability

to adapt and respond quickly and sensitively to all situations.

With a Master’s Degree in English Literature, Graduate Diploma of Primary teaching and ongoing enrolment in her Masters of Primary Teaching, combined with over twenty years’ experience in business, Pip currently juggles her love of family with teaching, freelance writing, and running an award-winning regional magazine. 

A natural communicator, Pip is a self-motivated team player with strong interpersonal and organisational skills. 

Pip is reliable and good-natured, confident in handling most situations. She quickly learns new skills and use initiative in problem solving.

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